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Awesome Article Analysis Example

Why Might You Need Our Professional Article Analysis Example?

well-written article analysis exampleWriting a general revision of an article can be very difficult for many people to achieve that have difficulty with academic writing at a higher level and this process does not necessarily involve trying to find fault with the work. A thoughtful analysis can often be used to help to understand the interaction of the elements that go into making a certain piece of work stand out from amongst others. By carefully analyzing the article to judge its content and relevance in a particular context, we also examine the research evidence to assess its validity, results and continuing relevance before making an informed decision on how we perceive it.

Using Our Article Analysis Template to Get You Started

use article analysis worksheetThere are many sources available which offer us ways in how to write an article analysis using the ‘latest’ sample article analysis and if you look hard enough or spends hours upon hours searching, you might actually find a half decent one. We know just how difficult it can be finding a trusted source of information but there are many article analysis worksheets and examples which offer really good writing tips and provide a multitude of information which can really be of benefit to helping with your assignment. Having an article analysis template in front of you to work with can save many hours of frustrating research but showing you exactly how to format your work and provides and very good insight into the level of information needed to be contained in your writing but never copy directly from any template or sample, that would be plagiarism.

To assist you further, our experts have provided the following tips for you:

  • Establish the context of the article. What type of article it is, who the author is, their background, how they are connected with the issue. Do they have an agenda or motive, where was the article published and who is the target audience?
  • Identify the main content. What are the author’s key ideas and arguments? What evidence has been used to support these and look for statistics and facts or any specific examples and case studies?
  • Pay attention to the tone, style, and structure. Can you comment on the style of writing and structure of their article? Why have they written it this way and what is the intended effect?
  • Before you start writing your analysis, ensure you have carefully read and annotated the article and made plenty of notes on key information relating to the content. Using an article analysis worksheet can help keep all the data you collect in one place. Consider connections between key points or arguments you have identified and how they are used in conjunction with which arguments. These will form the framework for your analysis structure body paragraphs.
  • Writing your analysis is similar in format to an essay. It is made up of:
    • Introduction. Introduce the article by letting the reader know its type, title, author, paper, and date. Link the article by identifying contentions, key arguments, and target audience
    • Body Paragraphs. Indicate one key argument presented by the author and explain how it supports the author’s contention. Quote examples and explain their effect on the reader, how they were encouraged to think or feel. Finish with a linking sentence to the next body paragraph
    • Conclusion. Summarize or restate key points of the analysis. The contention, arguments or tone etc. Make a judgment about the effectiveness of the article or comment if you feel how it may influence any target audience you identified.
  • Proofread for structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and expression. Double check that your ideas are fully linked with the original work and the language used is appropriate. Ensure you have explained your ideas in sufficient depth and detail.

“Read over your notes. Choose a statement that expresses the central purpose or thesis of your review. When thinking of a thesis, consider the author’s intentions and whether or not you think those intentions were successfully realized. Eliminate all notes that do not relate to your thesis. Organize your remaining points into separate groups such as points about structure, style, or argument. Devise a logical sequence for presenting these ideas. Remember that all of your ideas must support your central thesis”.

Queen’s University, Kingston

Advantages of Letting Us Help with Your Analytical Essay

free sample article analysisWe understand that all academic papers require the full attention of the writer and should be completed by someone who has extensive knowledge of the subject and has experience carrying out writing at this level. We can provide you with a fully professional writer who has a proven track record with accomplishing article analysis on scholarly journals and who can create a unique one for you which will get you noticed by your peers. We don’t only provide sample article analysis papers for you to learn from, we also have a full range of services aimed at ensuring your article analysis is perfect before handing in which include:

  • Thorough editing at a professional level. We will check your work and correct bad grammar, delete redundancies, fix problem sentences, and sharpen poor vocabulary.
  • Professional writing of all types, academic and also professional from cover letters, resumes, sales letters, business letters, and even less formal apology letters.
  • Proofreading. Our experts are able to read through complex sentences checking for errors and not get distracted by the content. Fix poor wordiness and even repair sentences which do not make sense.
  • Document formatting and writing styles determine how our correspondence should look. So if you’re having trouble with how your dissertation should look or which particular formatting your writing should use, APA, MLA etc. our experts can provide the right guidance for you.
  • Paraphrasing. Rewording what another person has written using the completely different word but keeping the same meaning without adding to or losing any of the main points can be difficult. Our experts are here to make it that much easier to pass your assignment.

We offer a highly professional service that always aims to give you peace of mind and confidence in the work provided to you. Our aim is to provide you with a high level of writing and to keep you returning back to us time and again for all your future academic writing needs. To benefit from the article analysis examples that we can provide you with, simply contact us today through our online website!